5 Megapixel Photo of Samsung's 8 Megapixel Phone

More details have surfaced about the SPH-V8200 (SPH-8200), Samsung's new 8 megapixel phone we mentioned last week. Apparently the phone will also have 4x zoom, 13 scene modes, a manual white balance adjustment, and comes packed with DMB TV capabilities. I can't tell much else from the really badly translated Korean… » 11/10/05 9:05am 11/10/05 9:05am

Phoenix Audio Duet PCS Review (Verdict: Makes Skype Sound Crystal Clear)

At first, I didn't think this Phoenix Audio Duet USB speakerphone was really necessary — I mean, using a headset with Skype should be enough, right? Well, according to the VOIP-heads over at VOIPSpeak: » 11/08/05 9:00am 11/08/05 9:00am

They go on to say that the Duet PCS not only functions as a USB speakerphone, but also has a standard headset jack…

Yahoo! Branded Phone In the Works

The rumors have been circulating for awhile, but there are firm details: Yahoo! will be partnering with Cingular to create a Yahoo! branded cellphone. No, they're not going to manufacture a handset from the ground up — it's just going to be a re-branded version of a Nokia. It will have a 1.3 megapixel camera, memory… » 11/07/05 9:12am 11/07/05 9:12am

Belkin'sNew TuneFM and TuneBase FM

Belkin recently released some information about new FM transmitters for the iPod and iPod nano that they'll be launching at CES next year. The new TuneFM (different from that other Belkin TuneFM) and TuneBase FM make use of the new iPod's dock connector — they're both about the same, except the TuneBase FM is built… » 11/04/05 11:33am 11/04/05 11:33am

Samsung Plans to Reveal 10GB HDD Phone

Along with the 8-megapixel phone announcement, Samsung president Ki-Tae Lee also revealed plans for a 10GB HDD phone for 2006. This will apparently hold about 3,000 MP3s, which is way more than the 700 MP3s that Samsung's existing SPH-V7900 holds. Again, details are few and far between about this new 10GB phone, so… » 11/04/05 9:36am 11/04/05 9:36am